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Welcome to Old Yorkshire.

Swaledale - North Yorkshire

Yorkshire is a county in the north of England and is considered to be one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. It is home to some of the most attractive rural areas such as the Yorkshire Dales and Moors, and for many Yorkshire people, is seen as God’s Own Country. It has its own capital city, that of York.

Old Yorkshire

Its origins can be traced back to ancient times, whereby it was inhabited by various peoples such as the Celts, Romans, Vikings, Normans and then Anglo-Saxons. Later on, it was involved in the Wars of the Roses, the series of civil wars that broke out between the Houses of York and Lancaster, though eventually the two sides were reconciled and the roses combined to form the Tudor Rose. Following that, Yorkshire came to be known for its wool industry (16th Century), coal mining (17th Century) and canals (18th Century).

In the 19th Century, with the rise of the Industrial Revolution, coal, steel and textiles were the 3 main products of the county. Other aspects of Yorkshire include sport it is famous for rugby league and cricket, architecture York Minster and Harewood House, literature the works of the Bronte sisters and Alan Bennett, and art David Hockney and Henry Moore.

Many well known films and television series also originated from this area. Yorkshire has its own distinct accent and outlook on life which has engendered many a stereotype. However, Yorkshire people are immensely proud of their county and would not live anywhere else.